Da Nang tries to reduce low-expense visits for feasible the travel industry

Da Nang tries to reduce low-expense visits for feasible the travel industry


The Seaside city of Da Nang is increasing the scrutiny level for the budget tours to sustain and develop the tourism industry.

So-called ” Zero Dong” tours are fruitful to increase the number of tourists visiting Da Nang this year, but the local economy is also facing the impact of low profit or the no profit at all. Budget customers are forced to follow the itinerary provided by the agencies and the electronic payment method diminished the chance of profit or even a good earning for the local vendors leaving no profit for Da Nang City.

Apart from this issue, the budget tours are growing enormously and showing interest to capitalize on the city’s admiration but avoiding paying tax to the local authorities.

The Director of the Municipal Department of Tourism Mr. Ngo Quang Vinh said that budget tours are not a right thought for Da Nang as per data that shows the negative impact on local markets as it makes up 30% of the total tourism market of the province and also impacting the neighboring countries such as Thailand and Cambodia.

Da Nang City tourism is now actively working to reduce the number of cheap tours operators and ensure the safety of payments, reducing fraud and paying proper tax by intensifying inspections at the local market.

The city is also focusing on rule and regulations of operating shopping malls and improvement of the standards of travel agents, travel security and travel package. Tourism industry is also ensuring to set up representative offices in China and Republic of Korea.

Meanwhile, the region ensuring the sustainable tourism products and attract exclusive tourist to generate higher outcome and profit for local population.

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