Top Drug Detox Center, Florida earns Accreditation From the Joint Commission, The Luminous Care Pompano Beach

Top Drug Detox Center, Florida earns Accreditation From the Joint Commission, The Luminous Care Pompano Beach

The Luminous Care, a premier drug and alcohol treatment center, announced that its Pompano Beach-based treatment center had gained the Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval; this honor is recognized as credentials of excellence in the healthcare rehabilitation industry.

“The Joint Commission Accreditation role is to protect the public by identifying fallacies in care and working with those organizations to correct them quickly and achieve the best sustainability in the industry, ” says a chief operating officer, The Joint Commission. “We commend The Luminous Care for its dedication to strive for quality improvement in patient safety and providing quality care throughout”.

Mr. Dave, Chief Executive Officer Of The Luminous Care said, “Our team has added blood and sweat to enhance the patient experience and well-being of the community. While improving recovery outcomes at all, we have added a step up in our treatment facilities. Our Best Drug and Alcohol Detox Center Florida boasts from comprehensive care to advanced counseling therapies that support wellbeing and treatment of patients who are beginning their journey. Ethically our Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Florida’s mission is to help clients stay sober, feel better and provide compassionate care to make their stay better. These efforts have set standards by extensive hours of work and ongoing dedication by like-minded and seasoned professionals.”

“To receive such accreditations, we have participated in a series of surveys, on-site visitors, and rigorous inspections and tests regarding the quality and safety of drug and alcohol detox services. Several areas were assessed during the review and compliance with behavioral health care standards, including care, treatment and services, an environment of care, ambiance, screen procedures, and early detection and prevention for early imminent harm. In our Drug and alcohol rehab in Florida, on-site Observations and interviews were conducted too.:

“It is a testament to how our team of clinical, medical and counseling staff are together committed to provide patients better services and reach their recovery goals.” He also added, “Finding the right treatment among sheer options can be daunting for friends and families who are struggling with addiction. Joint Commission Seal means highly prioritized health care with effective approaches and the highest level of care in a journey of recovery.”

The Luminous Care Drug and Detox Florida, has committed to setting a benchmark and excellence continuum of care for its patient. The ultimate attainment of Joint Commission Accreditation proves to be an extra benefit for all clients.The Luminous care has been setting new recovery goals and serving the community for the last 10 years in Pompano Beach. As per company records, the success rate for recovery has been doubled for drug and alcohol addiction on a national level.

About Joint Commission

The Joint Commission is continuously improving healthcare for the public by meticulously inspecting health care organizations and inspiring them to excel in safe and effective care of the highest quality and value. Joint Commission standards are met with a team of healthcare experts and providers to measure, address, and improve performance. An Independent nonprofit organization is the oldest and most extensive network in healthcare.


Joint Commission

We are a renowned Drug and Detox Rehab in Florida that integrates evidence-based treatment modalities combined with holistic programs to enhance client recovery outcomes. With a combination of traditional and advanced treatment, including supervised medical recovery blended with intensive behavioral rehab. The Luminous Care cutting-edge advanced therapies have contributed to leveraging recovery stats. We are accredited with dual diagnosis mental health care and evidence-based treatments.Our top-notch doctors, therapists and counselors put heart and soul to help clients succeed in their rehab recovery.

With a world-class comprehensive continuum of care, we provide an empathetic environment that is integral treatments for:.

  • Painkiller Addiction Treatment
  • Fentanyl Addiction Treatment
  • Opioids Addiction Treatment
  • Alcohol Addiction Treatment
  • Hallucinogens Addiction Treatment
  • Cocaine Addiction Treatment
  • Heroin Addiction Treatment
  • Molly Addiction Treatment
  • Kratom Addiction Treatment
  • Stimulants Addiction and Treatment
  • Intensive and Outpatient Treatment

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Suite 2B,
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