Organic Products Australia – A Leading Organics Company, Ayur Organic Story

Organic Products Australia – A Leading Organics Company, Ayur Organic Story

Following the request of fellow Australians to source Ayurvedic products. Ayur Organic started its journey in the year 2003 by Joe in a humble and simple local outlet setup.


The interest and enthusiasm for ayurvedic products portrayed by the community here inspired Joe to step in to action by introducing couple of common Ayurvedic products. Word of mouth facilitated towards a surging demand of more products with higher quantity.

This led to Joe’s aspiration to cater to a wider range of Pure and pristine Organic products meeting Australian standards.


In the year 2009 Ayur Organic stepped up on to the pedestals of marketing and distributing over 500 products in Australia and other countries  under the title-Ayur Pty Ltd.

Expansion of worksite, addition of staff , user friendly website, quality products,  best prices sincere, quick, and professional customer services added on to the excellent reputation of the company.


Joe’s attitude to follow the Australian rules and regulations with respect and regard paved the way to gaining support from the Australian authorities to continue his good work.


Ayur Organic since have been climbing the ladder steadily and striving to look after those who have laid their trust in them .


Today with the support and blessings of all of his customers Joe and his team is a contented group of allies who has devoted their full potential to maintain and sustain the establishment that has reached the height of glory Australia wide and internationally.

Until next time ……. Stay safe and remain good spirits.


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